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Sunday, August 15, 2021

For unprecedented new phase in Egypt - Geely Auto announces partnership with Abou Ghaly Motors

For unprecedented new phase in Egypt - Geely Auto announces partnership with Abou Ghaly Motors

Geely Automobile International Corporation(Geely Auto), a leading automobile international trader based in Hangzhou, China, as a sub-subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group(Geely), announces official cooperative partnership with Abou Ghaly Motors. This means Geely Auto brand entered an unprecedented new phase in Egypt and chose the most suitable partner, Abou Ghaly Motors, for this vital step.

Since the establishment in 1997, Geely has contributed decades of effort in global automotive field and build a huge automobile kingdom, there are such famous brands as Volvo, LEVC and LYNK & Co under Geely Group. On March 28, 2010, Geely completed acquisition of Volvo Cars and both sides developed extensive cooperation in the field of technology during the last 11 years. In 2017, Geely acquired 49.9% stakes in PROTON and 51% stakes in LOTUS. And became PROTON exclusive foreign strategic partner. On 24th February, 2018, Geely acquired a 9.69 percent stake in Daimler AG. The acquisition makes Li Shufu (The founder and chairman of Geely) the single largest shareholder of Daimler AG. Now, Geely endeavor to become a globally competitive and influential smart electric mobility technology enterprise and energy service provider

According to the report of <FORTUNE GLOBAL 500> which is released on 2nd August 2021, Geely ranks 239th with a revenue of 47.19 billion USD. Now Geely has been on this rank for a decade and also the only private Chinese auto group. In the past 2020, Geely has sold more than 2.1 million vehicles to the global market. In China, Geely Auto has been the top-selling Chinese Auto Brand for 4 years. Furthermore, Geely ranked 9th in the “Brand Finance’s Auto Portfolio Value 2021”, which is released by Brand Finance UK, and became the only Chinese auto group of it.

Now, Geely Auto is planning for a distinctive phase in the Egyptian market during the coming period and chose the most suitable partner, Abou Ghaly Motors, for this vital step.

Abou Ghaly Motors (AGM) is leading the change in Egypt with integrated mobility solutions for individuals and corporations. The company represents many of the world’s most iconic automotive brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Subaru Ram, and LEVC. The group is the soul franchise of Sixt limousine rent cars in Egypt, car rentals and international quality lubricants including Petronas and Motorex. Additionally, Abou Ghaly Motors owns London Cab application.

Geely Auto’s choice of this distinctive partnership with Abou Ghaly Motors is based on the alignment of visions of both corporations regarding the future of the automotive sector in Egypt. This is in addition to the abilities of Abou Ghaly Motors to realize the goals of this ambitious vision in the Egyptian market.

Furthermore, Geely Auto is grateful for the effort made by Ghabbour Auto in previous cooperation for the past years and hope they get better and more successful in future.

In the following months, Geely Auto and AGM will introduce the newest line-up, which integrated the technological achievement from Geely Auto’s 3.0-4.0 era, to provide the Geely Auto’s solution to intelligent mobility for Egyptian users.


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