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London Cab Egypt

London Cab offers the most reliable and safest transportation solution in Egypt  with the highest standards of professionalism and training; a standard that also applies to our fully automated operations and that our drivers maintain across the board.

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Shell Branding

Shell Branding offers standout media and superb impact at a cost-effective price. Ideal for short & long-term campaigns, it can be booked in large numbers for campaigns that require high coverage and frequency.

Effective in generating brand exposure, it stands out because of the cab’s unique look and is a highly effective mobile billboard ad on the road, carrying your advert across the busiest areas of Cairo.

Flip Seats Branding

With an average journey time of 60 minutes, advertisers have an ideal opportunity to reach this premium customer profile as they sit in an isolated, comfortable environment.

Seat adverts provide your message in greater detail and deliver a powerful impact on the go.

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