The Way to ultimate engine performance is yours with PETRONAS Urania. The highly recognized and recommended lubricant sold over 20 countries promises to take heavy-duty vehicles to another level of engine endurance and optimization.

Approved, endorsed, and used worldwide by internationally renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers, PETRONAS Urania comprehensive range of products enables better emission control and soot-handling capabilities whilst also improving fuel economy.
PETRONAS Urania promises operational efficiency and reliability, meeting the most stringent of international requirements from USA, Europe, and Japan, enabling you to face the toughest challenges on and off road.

Syntium Moto 2SP

PETRONAS Syntium Moto 2SP is fully-synthetic two stroke motorcycle oil synergized with premium performance esters for extreme performance racing engines.
Engineered and tested with Grand Prix experience for ultimate power performance, piston cleanliness, effective lubricity, excellent film strength and prolonged protection under extreme riding conditions.

Specially formulated using the finest synthetic fluids with premium esters and optimum performance low-ash additives that guarantees the ultimate performance and engine protections under all operating conditions. Designed for all two-stroke engines running in high-speed and high revs in racing, endurance, motocross, go-carts, on-highway and off-highway riding conditions.

Syntium Moto 4SX

PETRONAS Syntium Moto 4SX is semi-synthetic SAE 15W-50 motorcycle oil intended for use in modern high-revving, high-temperature, heavy loads and severe performance four-stroke engines.

Specially formulated with DualTech™ technology for superior engine power performance, piston cleanliness, protection against gear micropitting and clutch system slippage, noise reduction and protection under robust riding conditions. Superior engine protection under all operating conditions and has been fully tested and proven under most extreme operations for on road and off-road conditions.