Engineered to empower you.
Get out and enjoy life whenever you can, wherever you want. With a confident driving experience, technology that keeps you connected, and a striking appearance, the Impreza can inspire you to make the most of every day. On good days and bad days, the Impreza makes it all look easy whilst looking good. Backed up by extraordinary engineering you can count on, the Impreza is your escape from the ordinary. Life moves quickly. Make the most of it.

Fog Lamps

Multireflector fog lamps also serve as daytime running lights, and emit a wide, flat beam that reflects less glare in fog, for added safety

Braking System

The 4-wheel disc brakes feature lightweight aluminium rear calipers and a design that helps provide a strong, progressive feel. The Antilock Braking System includes Electronic Brake-force Distribution, to reapportion front/rear braking pressure when the vehicle is loaded. To help ensure maximum braking during an emergency, the Impreza features both Brake Assist and Brake Override


Few other cars drive with the fun and eagerness of Impreza, so you won’t be surprised by how uniquely this is accomplished. The horizontally opposed configuration of the SUBARU BOXER engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than that of other engine types. This gives the engine, and overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity and a more balanced distribution of weight. Furthermore, the pistons’ opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration

Increased Stability

Because the engine block has a flatter profile and sits lower in the chassis, the overall vehicle is more stably balanced and resistant to side-to-side motion than other designs

Keyless Access and Push-button Start

Your key fob gives you easy keyless access. Simply grip the door handles to unlock them, and start the engine with a button. Even without your fob, a 5-digit pin code can unlock the doors

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